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International Land Measurement Standard (ILMS) 

The International Land Measurement Standard (ILMS) is an international principle-based standard for recording and reporting information and material relevant to land and property transfers.

Over 40 coalition partners (inc. FIG & CLGE) have joined as well as several industry, government and academic partners. The Standard Setting Committee (SSC) consisted of 14 land expert individuals from around the world. A major ILMS coalition meeting was held at World Bank Land conference 2019 with strong and increasing representation from the francophone, Arabic and central/south America. ILMS is being translated (by native speaking coalition members) into Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Turkish and even Amharic. ILMS is directly linked to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and valuation of unregistered/communal lands initiative. ILMS undergoing a series of rolling launches during 2019/20 with a soft launch at World Bank Land conference 2019 and the Turkish translation launched at CLGE Istanbul in September 2019.

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